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About Golf East Inc.

Golf East Inc. was founded in 2017 and has since developed a rich portfolio of projects and investment opportunities. We have an experienced team of investors and industry leaders who work together to make the company what it is today. Through constant networking and ongoing developmental efforts we strive to make the best of every opportunity. 

Current Investments at Golf East are centred around hand-picked land opportunities and recreational facilities. 

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Investment Opportunities

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Land Opportunities

Due to the influx of new comers in Canada, demand for land and its development is increasing. At Golf East Inc. we have many land properties with opportunities to be used for residential, industrial and recreational purposes.


Recreational Facilities

Developing the land we invest in and transforming it into something that is in harmony with nature and of service to the surrounding community is very important to us. Through our networks and connections are constantly finding great ways to develop our land.


Wolf Run Golf Course Inc. 

The Wolf Run Golf Course is a prime example of what our company can do. Totally transformed from its previous condition, the Wolf Run Golf Course and Restaurant are great economic and environmental benefits to their surrounding environment and local town.

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